Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great words from Hesher

- I had a snake before, a big motherfucker. Once a week I fed it with a live mouse. 
Did you know that snakes eat other snakes? Because they have the right form.
This ate at least mice. Once I dropped the mouse down in the cage for the snake. It found the mouse and attacks, but the mouse where stood on hind legs and struck snake in the face.
-You kidding?

-It was repeated and snake tried again. Mouse struck him again. The snake did not matter, it was completely disrupted. Snake crept into the corner and cried. The fucking mouse was totally boss and It went on for weeks. Mouse swagger around as if it owned the place. It was like it sat in a deckchair, scratched his balls, ate peanuts. Mouse had a great time. I tried to house other mice. When I dropped down a new mouse it hides behind the old one. The snake was shit scared. And then snake died, starved to death. In a cage full of mice.

- Life is like walking in the rain, you can either take cover and hide, or get wet

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